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Place of the Event: Valley of Bores
City: valley of Bores
Province/Been: Antioch
Country: Colombia
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Without Borders it is a Festival the International of Cinema that promotes every year the thematic approach to a social one through contemporary cinema. It is an opportunity to know important films the last years with little circulation in Colombia through which it is possible to recognize tendencies of the present state of the seventh art and the way how the cinema of the world assumes positions against certain realities. This Festival is in addition a space to integration, entertainment and reflection for the inhabitants of the municipalities of the Valley of Aburrá in Colombia.

In the 2008 Without Borders it focuses his attention on films and academic activities related to the childhood and the relations between adults and children. This festival is an opportunity to know how the contemporary world has portrayed and assumed in the cinema to the children in relation to its parents, the education, the conflict, the sexuality, the sort, the religion, the development, the work, the disease, the death and the idea of the future. This way, Without Borders it looks for to return to focus attention on the childhood in our society, subject that has been relegated and underestimated against the urgency of the conflict armed and the confrontation of economic interests political.

Without Borders Festival the International of Cinema 2008 it goes of the 28 of May to the 8 of June. Its programming is developed in seven rooms of cinema, manifolds academic spaces and exhibition halls. In addition, like introduction to the Festival of Cinema, it presents/displays from beginnings of May in other scenes of the city some cycles of cinema in video exceeds how the cinema has assumed to the children at other moments of the history of the cinema.


   Amount of visits to this Festival: 9

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