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Place of the Event: Saladillo
City: Province of Buenos Aires
Province/Been: Province of Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
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Of Tuesday 18 to the Saturday 22 of November almost thirty largometrajes of fiction acted by neighbors of all the country will project in the Spanish Theater of the Buenosairean city of Saladillo, located to 182 kilometers of Buenos Aires, on national route 205.
Under the slogan Images and histories of a country and their people, this unusual festival of cinema is sent that it looks for to unfold “the cultural diversity of an own cinema? as they affirm to Fabio Junco and Julio Midú, saladillenses film directors - withdrawn of the School of Cinema of the INCAA- and organizers of the moved one. During five days cinema students will meet, fans, actors and neighbors of all the country to share the films of low budget that even usually spread in international festivales.
Almost one hundred producers and students will visit Saladillo thanks to the financial support of the Municipality; of the INCAA and the Cultural Institute of the Province of Buenos Aires. The Festival counts on the sponsorship of the Secretariat of Culture of the Nation; of the Union of the Cinematographic Industry (SICA) and the Tea School Image. The institutions, companies and commerce of Saladillo to cover the logistics with this festival of independent cinema collaborate.
- The Jury is integrated by the film directors Juan Jose Jusid, Clear Zappettini, Wild Carolina (Vice-president of the INCAA), Néstor Montalbano and Nicholas Batlle. Before they integrated Safe Aníbal Di, Juan Stagnaro Baptist, Santiago Carlos Oves, Lucia Puenzo, Fernando Spiner, Dolly Pussy, Lorraine Muñoz, Leonardo Di Césare and Pablo Jose Rocks, among others film directors.
- They register more than 40 largometrajes of Cordova, Neuquén, Jujuy, Between Rivers, Mendoza, Santa Fe, Negro River, Tucuman, Federal Capital and numerous Buenosairean cities. The thirty selected films integrate the three sections: competition, noncompetitive and parallel.
- There will be clinics and to char them on script and digital cinema in the Social Club of Saladillo: they will be in charge of Santiago Carlos Oves, Silvana Jarmoluk and Rodolfo Hermida.
- The opening of the festival will be Tuesday 18 to the 21 hours with the opening of the documentary one “With the feet on the Earth? on the life and builds of saladillense inventor August “Pirincho? Cicaré. The daily projections will begin to three of afternoon:  there will be films every two hours until the dawn. The ceremony of closing and delivery of prizes will be during the night of Saturday 22 of November.

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