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28/10/2008 CANTAPUEBLO

28/10/2008 CANTAPUEBLO

Place of the Event: Theater Independence - Chile 1184
City: San Rafael Mendoza
Province/Been: Mendoza
Country: Argentina
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Person of contact: Matías Rouiller/Gustavo Eyrie
Telephone: 54 – 0261 – 4255503/4256165


Constituted residing in San Martin 1921 of the City of Mendoza, Province of Mendoza, Argentina, FOUNDATION COPPLA, one is in force by the dispositions of the Argentine Civil Code and by their own statutes. She is authorized abrir offices in any city of the country or the outside.

It is prohibited to participate in political and religious activities and to allow or to participate in activities discriminatorias of any nature.

From 1993 FOUNDATION COPPLA is organizing of the CANTAPUEBLO, the Choral Celebration of America. It is noncompetitive a choral encounter that promotes the friendship between the towns of the world, through choral song.

This Encuentro was born in Godoy Cross, Mendoza, in 1989, annually reunites approximately 170 choral groupings of children, young people, adults and adults majors.

From 1997 Cantapueblo it is realized in Chile and from 1998 in Ecuador.
To date choirs and vocal groups of all the Argentina, Uruguay sang, Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Italy, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Malaysia and the United States.

They gave to his wisdom in factories and masterful outstanding conferences of choral music: Royce Saltzman (the USA), Robert Sund (Sweden), Beatriz Corona (Cuba), Alberto Grau and Maria Guinand (Venezuela), Carlos Pinto Fonseca and Rosángela Santa Ana (Brazil), Jorge Bonilla Side (Chile), Liliana Cangiano, Oscar Escalada and Jorge Chanal (Argentina), the Jean teachers Claude Wilkems (Belgium) and Osvaldo Kuam (Peru).

In CANTAPUEBLO the choirs interpreted works with recognized popular artists like Leon Gieco, Victor Heredia, Opus 4, Litto Nebbia, Hamlet Quintana Lima, Deep Throat (Brazil), Four & 4, Baglietto-Vitale, Markama, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Mendoza.

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