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Place of the Event: Cervantes theater
City: Independent city of Buenos Aires
Province/Been: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina

A true celebration will be in the National Theater Cervantes between Thursday 16 of October and Sunday 2 of November. It will be the time of the Festival of Circus and Clowns, who are production in the heat of and that Maria Guerrero will be developed in the rooms. Orestes Caviglia, Luisa Vehil and will occupy besides foyer, until the rejuvenated patio Andalusian of the fourth floor that for years has not been used for spectacles.


Works, performances, to char them, cinema, conform the programming that reunites to outstanding artists of the sort. The band of the laughter, with the Faustus or we boast that it comes Mefisto, Mariano Pujal and its spectacle S.D.F. (without fixed address). Eduardo White Calvo and Pedro and the band Excuse 77 with Histories re jodidas of yesterday, today and always; the clown Chacovachi, the group that directs Carolina Della Negra, Luciana Mosca and Gerald Hochman, and the traditional Circus of the Videla Brothers will act in the Guerrero Room.


Cristina Martí, Cristina Moreira, the groups Tomate and Naná, Magician King Ben, the Trento, the Nonsense, Big head, will make their spectacles in the Orestes Caviglia where also Ana Ter Akopov, Luciano Lacreu, Oski Guzmán and Marina will act Barber directed by Raquel Solkolowicz.


In the Room Luisa Vehil (Golden Hall) the Macocos will add to the celebration with the spectacle Don Juan of here (first the alive one), Oski Guzmán will make Monkey, Bald Eduardo heavyciento. and Claudius Martinez Bel and Enrique Federman Things of clowns. Among others artists will be in addition Javioer Zuker, Mariana Zarabozo and Martin Carella of the group traveling Company and Héctor Malamud with their Tango paper clip.


With individual spectacles, Marcelo Katz and Carlos Vignola they will give to brightness to the Patio Andalusian him of the Cervantes Theater.


Char them on the circus and Clowns they will be coordinated by Juana I slide.


   Amount of visits to this Festival: 75

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