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Festival of Fall of Laúd and Old Guitarras

Festival of Fall of Laúd and Old Guitarras

Place of the Event: Cultural extension of the Cultural Association Pestalozzi
City: Federal capital
Province/Been: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
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Person of contact: Cultural extension
Telephone: 4552-0670/5824 int 134
Fax: 4552-0670

The three first Fridays of June we will realize in the Cultural Association Pestalozzi a festival of laúd and old guitars. 

You render them and the guitars arrive at the western world of hands of the Arab towns, through the presence of these in Spain between century VII and the XV, and in all the Mediterranean.

In this long way that goes from the first publication of music for laúd in 1507, until its songs of swan in the decade of 1780 you render, them and the guitars accompanied all the professional musical activity and amateur, with participation in the song soloist, the opera, the church, the music of instrumental camera, and with a repertoire exquisite soloist, remarkably varied and virtuosístico. Guitars, vihuelas, you render, bandurrias, are exported to America by the Settlers, giving rise to all a variety of instruments that go from the charangos, tiples, vihuelas, side them, violas, jaranas, etc., that today are taken almost by native from our continent.


This small festival, organized by this nucleus of musicians who for already more than 10 years we cultivated the delights of these instruments, sets out, yet love, to approach the public varied fragments of that piece of cultural history and sonorous in which you render, vihuelas, guitars barrocas, tiorbas, archilaúdes, drew with gracious and primorosas lines the footpaths of the soul.


Friday 5 of June, 20hs: Dolores Costoyas (Tiorba) - Gabriel Schebor (Barroca Guitar)


Friday 12 of June, 20hs: Evar Cativiela (Vihuela) - Hernán Vives (Tiorba)


Friday 19 of June, 20hs: Isidoro Roitman (Renaissance Laúd) - Igor Herzog (Baroque Laúd)

   Amount of visits to this Festival: 9

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