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First Cooperative Festival of Tango “ Pitucos and Malevas ”

First Cooperative Festival of Tango “ Pitucos and Malevas ”

Place of the Event: NoAvestruz (Humboldt 1857) and Eclectic Space (Humberto 1º 730)
City: City of Buenos Aires
Province/Been: City of Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
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Person of contact: 4307-1966/4777-6956

November of 2×4

  First Cooperative Festival of Tango “Pitucos and Malevas?

It will be realized between the 12 and the 20 of November in Buenos Aires the First Cooperative Festival of Tango “Pitucos and Malevas?. Tata Cedrón, Lydia Hut, Orchestra the Starting, Single Dolores, Juan Vattuone, Alfredo “Tape? Rubin, Diego Schissi, Javier Sanchez, Hernán Star, the Germa'ns Martinez Octeto and Brian Chambouleyron among others will comprise of the ten dates that will follow one another in the cultural spaces nonOstrich (Palermo) and Eclectic Space (San Telmo). 

More info in: www.pitucosymalevas.com.ar 

PROGRAMMING IN: http://www.pitucosymalevas.com.ar/programacion/


   Amount of visits to this Festival: 40

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