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Place of the Event: Mendoza
City: Mendoza
Province/Been: Mendoza
Country: Argentina
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Telephone: 0261 4201911

Year after year, the first weekend of March, almost without interruptions from 1936, Mendoza renews a celebration, the Celebration of the Grape harvest. This is the most important celebration for the mendocinos, since it is the tribute that the man dedicates to him to his main industry, the wine producing one. The time of grape harvest is the time of harvest of the grape, is why from the months of January and Mendoza February it begins to celebrate. First in each one of the departments of the province popular celebrations are realized of which the candidates will turn out to be sovereign nationals. This rite is allusive to the times in which, the vine and when finishing the work was crowned to the most beautiful harvester entertained. The Celebration is carried out at a time, the months of January and February, to culminate with the night of the Central Act at the beginning of March. The main acts of Grape harvest are: “Blessing of the Fruits?, “White Route of Reinas?, “Merry-go-round? and, as we mentioned, “Central Act?, that consists, this year, of one second and third night of spectacles with the inclusion of shows of national level.

28 of February to the 8 of March of 2010


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