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Place of the Event: Av. Elcano 3835
City: Federal capital
Province/Been: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
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Person of contact: Fernanda
Telephone: 4551-7924

Like every year, Sonic school of electronic Music organizes the festival of year end trying to show variable proposals related the musical composition by means of computers. This year we will count on five spaces and in each of them a different proposal. space dynamo this dedicated to the new personalities arisen from 2año of the race realizing performances with Ableton Live; Space Bucket 4,1 is an original idea of 3er year completely developed by them with the idea to promote the interaction and sincronicidad of events being done to participate soon to the public and finishing they in one jam session; Sonic space Net Label is an excuse to encounter again to us with old woman students who already have withdrawn and who will collaborate with Sonic Net Label, the idea is to listen to them and to see its natural evolution in the time; Space Eye is an audio space of interaction between lines of vision and the space garden where DJ students will harmonize the safe fall of the sun./

But info, to send a mail to info@escuelasonica.com.ar

Place of the event: Sonic, school of electronic music/Av. the 3835 Elcanos/18hs /Capital Federal/Argentina



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