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Place of the Event: Monumental complex/Lavalle 780
City: City of Buenos Aires
Province/Been: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
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Person of contact: Juan Carlos Towers
Telephone: 5411 - 4733-0890
Fax: Int 13.

Festival of fantastic cinema and terror. International competition of shorts in any format and largometrajes in video.

Red Buenos Aires Blood is the unique festival specialized in fantastic and gallant cinema that becomes in Argentina. It is a sample oriented basically to independent productions and of low budget.

Its concretion arose naturally, from the increasing accomplishment in film Argentina of these sorts. Realized generally in video and ultraindependent form, these films did not manage to become a place in the main local cinematographic festivales. For that reason the producers of very interesting lengths, means and shorts had to be satisfied to a few self-sustaining projections. This is because the fantastic one still is considered in certain circles like a “smaller sort?.

For that reason the necessity became urgent to reunite under a same scope to films with the same problematic ones of distribution, so that they could approach a common public.

The first edition of the B.A.R.S was carried out in December of 2000 in the audience of the Faculty of Social Sciences of University of Buenos Aires. Although it was a limited space, it served like departure point that year after year would be increasing. Films like Zombie Plague could be seen (Hernán Sa'ez and Pablo Parés) or the Planet of the Hippies (Ernesto Aguilar) and several shorts.

For the 2001 one changed of scene. The Cultural Center San Martin was an important frame for the growth of the festival. With very little promotion it was managed to attract more than 600 spectators, standing out films as Fanatical (Mariano Cattaneo and Ygnacio Cervio) and You never attend this type of Celebrations (Hernán Sa'ez and Pablo Parés).

The 2002 were the definitive jump of the festival, extending thematically the programming and obtaining a remarkable repercussion in the press and the public, until the point of which in the same space that the previous edition was managed to triple the number of spectators, arriving to surpass the 1800. Between projected films they are Zombie Plague: Mutant zone (Hernán Sa'ez and Pablo Parés) and Attack of the Killer Hog (Agustín Cavalieri and Marcos Meroni).

In the 2003 the definitive consolidation arrived from the festival, being released seven local largometrajes - Run Run Bunny! (Airborne magnetic detection Crampi), Tico tico (Marcelo Domizi), Blood bath (Paula Pollacchi), Bad Meat (Fabian Forte), Route towards the death (Francisco de Lezica) and Vacations in the Earth (Sebastián de Caro) - and being prereleased other so many largometrajes of countries as EE.UU., Japan, Spain, France and Italy. They projected more than 80 shorts and the retrospective sections were populated with classic in 35mm. The recovery of the Argentine film stood out especially the Man Beast (Camilo Zaccaría Soprani, 1934), the first local fantastic film, that never had been released in Buenos Aires.

Almost 5000 spectators demonstrated the undeniable growth of the festival.

For the fifth edition competitive sections for short would be added as much as for largometrajes and the 3 rooms of the complex Tita Merello in simultaneous will be used, tripling the amount of hours of projection.

The new edition of the BARS will be realized between the 28 of October and the 3 of November of 2004.

The B.A.R.S was declared of interest by the National Institute of Cinematography and Audio-visual Arts, supported by the Museum of the Cinema of the City of Buenos Aires and declared of Cultural Interest by the Legislature of the Independent City of Buenos Aires. These institutions have included/understood that this festival is the unique space for a type of cinema that traditionally has been forgotten. Doubtlessly Red Buenos Aires Blood, a specialized festival that already has become referring for the national production of science a fiction, terror and fantasy.

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