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Place of the Event: Cultural center Falklands Islands. 19 and 51
City: The Silver
Province/Been: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina

encounter of new tendencies applied to the conceptual art

 14 and 15 of // November Cultural Center Falklands Islands (19 and 51 // the Silver)




We were placed in the 2040 in Tecno/Order, a city watched and dominated by the party Central control. In her, the inhabitants have been submerged in an eternal dream that maintains the anaesthetized society. The emotions of the inhabitants have been manipulated until draining them of content, the unique valid sense in Tecno/Order is the adoration to the system that prevails, directs and marks you rule of life.

The subjects completely have been domesticated by means of the outposts technologies that Central control has put into operation to spread a unique truth. The control and the monitoring are the thought tools to maintain the order, an order that tries to reign by centuries.

Nevertheless, in Tecno/Order all the subjects have not been domesticated. A group of rebellious artists tries to destroy this system of government completely. For it, they become of diverse techniques and artistic methods, using the most varied technologies with the unique objective to wake up bring back to consciousness of the mentally ill ones. This group will try to question the order at any moment and will put in check the directives and the operation of the system.

Many of the artists clandestinely live within Tecno/Order, simulating to be part of the mentally ill ones. Nevertheless, when the night falls, they appear in scene of the thought way less.


We invited them to become disconnected to dream and to connect themselves to act.


Tecno Order/Been of Permanent Chaos

18,00 Ale Dj Prawn Seth 
19,00 Presentation EDCP
20,00 Djs clan Seth
21,00 Djs clan Seth
22,00 Djs clan Seth
23,30 Captain FOK (electrochongo)
Amiele Djs Seth
24,30 Boy No

Cyber Punk/Been of Permanent Chaos

20,00 Dimmer Group (invisible)
20,30 RodyTodd live
21.30 I Need to Take my Medicine
22,30 Finger Voodoo Dj Seth
23.30 Closing of the Cyber area punk
Closing first day the Friendly of the Image


Tecno Order/Been of Permanent Chaos

18,00 Juan Dj Rosemary Seth
19.00 Dj guest Seth
20.00 Him Vlllera Dj Seth
21,00 DJP Dj Seth
22,00 Falkland Sound
23,30 Magical Lee Dj Seth
24.30 The Charlies Jacket

Cyber Punk/Been of Permanent Chaos
20,00 Lechu Dj Seth
20,30 Umagrama 
CasiAsesino Dj Seth
21,30 Maricas Bad
22,30 Reanimator Djs Seth


Reflection/Been of Permanent Chaos 
The Friendly of the Image (installation multimedia) 
Draggn´dropp (installation multimedia) 
Watio (photographic installation) 
Florence Kaneshiro (plastic artist) 
Ayelen Zeballos (plastic artist)
Scabies Cinema (video installation)




   Amount of visits to this Festival: 23

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