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Place of the Event: Museum Park of the Sculptures of Providence
City: Providence
Province/Been: Santiago of Chile
Country: Chile
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Telephone: 56 (2) 784 8600
Fax: 56 (2) 784 8605
Opening of song in tribute to the Bicentennial

With the opening of a song for sexteto and voice dedicated to the bicentennial of National Independence, the Ninth Festival the International Providence Jazz, that will be realized between days 5 and of January in the 7 Museum Park of the Sculptures, one will become the first activity with which the commune of Providence initiates the celebrations of so important date.

The letter and musicalización of the subject Bicentennial was ordered by the Cultural Institute of Providence, that organizes the Festival, to the musician Cuban-North American, Yosvany Terry, world-wide a saxofonista well-known, academic composer and whom the 2009 participated in the eighth version of the jazzístico encounter.

The work carried out during 2009 by Terry is based on work extracts of Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral, Vicente Huidobro, Joaquin Beautiful Edwards and, particularly, in the poem of the National Prize of Literature 1958, Diego Dublé Urrutia, “My Tierrra?, of the book “Innocent Fontana? (1953), who characterizes itself by their deep raigambre costumbrista.

The presentation of this tribute to the Bicentennial of Independence will be realized the first night of the Festival (5 of January) and will be interpreted by the Chilean singer Rossana Saavedra.

Simultaneously Terry is preparing a lyrical-symphonic version of the same song, which probably is interpreted by world-wide recognized soprano Chilean-Spanish, Cristina Striking, during a presentation with the Symphony orchestra of Providence.

This version 2010 of Providence Jazz will count on the presence of 46 foreign musicians, honoring between the guests the North American deFrancesco Joey, the Cameroun Richard Bonn, Brazilian the Héctor Martignon and Joao Bosco and the coquimbano Cristián Cuturrufo, unique Chilean in the three days.


   Amount of visits to this Festival: 28

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