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Place of the Event: Calm Cultural center
City: City of Buenos Aires
Province/Been: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
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Telephone: 0-800-333-7848


THE TERRACE: A scene outdoors with screen of Leds. Spectacles centrales.VILLA VILLA: Secondary scene. Presentation of bands. Celebrations DJ VJ.PATIO OF the RAIN TANK: presentations of dance and parades of indumentaria.SALA FASHION: sample of designs of works selected in convocatoria.POESIA AND MUSIC: to char them on rock in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Musicians and Poets add themselves to the moved one of the emergent rock offering readings and canciones.MUESTRA: TO ALL VOLUME - HISTORY OF COVERS OF ROCK ARGENTINO.ESPACIO BAFICI: The equipment of programming of the BAFICI selected for this documentary festival a series of of music enjoying the best independent cinema of the world in combination best música.GALERIA DIGITAL: The creative young people of the digital visual arts will exhibit their works. A space dedicated to the digital art and animación.ESPACIO OF MAGAZINES: A space to rest awhile enjoying to read some young magazine, to watch videos, to listen to dj´s and to know the last launchings independent seals.

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