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Buenos Aires, Argentina     T 19°C   H 56%   St. 19°C

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Place of the Event: ETHER Club River basin 2783
City: City of Buenos Aires
Province/Been: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
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Friday 21 of November

Carlos Rodriguez Quartet Jazz

Carlos Rodriguez… piano

Gustavo Barragán… guitar

 Jorge low Aguirre…

Dino Martinez… battery

Brutta quartet Farce Jazz

Guillermo Brutto… guitar and voice

Pablo Farce… guitar

Osvaldo low Rooster…

Pablo González… battery

Zephyr contemporary Jazz
Federico Novak… guitar
Martin the Scaleia… keyboard
Juan Pablo low Dipieri…
Mariano de Hoz… battery

Friday 28 of November

Mario Tegli Quartet Jazz

Mario Tegli… piano

I read Tegli… guitar

Andres low Pellican…

Pablo González… battery

Guadalupe Raventos Quartet Jazz

Guadalupe Raventos… voice

Mariano Agustoni… keyboard.
Ezequiel Dutil… contrabass
 Rodrigo Reparaz… battery

Funkestein Funk

Fernando Toledo… saxo tenor, soprano and stop

Jorge Villareal… guitar

Pehuen Inocentti… keyboards

Andres low Pellican…

Fernando Dieguez… battery

The presentation of each concert will be in charge of

the great voice of the Argentine Jazz:


   Amount of visits to this Festival: 5

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