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Place of the Event: Tucuman
City: Tucuman
Province/Been: Tucuman
Country: Argentina
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Year 1960 ran and the then Provincial Council of Cultural Diffusion started up the “Musical I September Tucumano?, festival that from then and until the present would become a tradition of the tucumana culture.

Artists of the stature of Ravi Shankar, the Philadelphia Quartet, Duke Ellington, Ruggero Ricci, Quartet of Tokyo, Boris Belkin, Camerata Bariloche, Silvia Kersembaum, New York Quartet, the Choir of Singing Children of Vienna, Martha Argerich, Dark brown Gelber, the Voices of Gospel (the USA), Mariano Mores, Susana Rinaldi, Miguel Angel Star, First Figures of the Theater Columbus, Adrián Iaies, David Lebón, Pedro Aznar, Botafogo, Ute Lemper, Vox Dei, Pair Curbelo, The Czech Chamber Soloists, Pimpinela, Maximiliano War, Eleonora Cassano, Ramiro Musoto (Brazil), Sandra Mihanovich, Susana Rinaldi, between many more, the nights of different musical Septembers throughout the years in different scenes from pcia., or in the capital engalanaron with their art, like thus also in the interior.

In this year (2008) 48 years of Musical September were marked and attended more than 60,000 spectators the different spectacles approximately throughout the month. This Festival did not stop never being made in spite of the different crises that crossed our province (Tucuman) and the same country.

In his different manifestations and in agreement with the change from the times, no longer it is only a festival of classic music but one began to give rise to the jazz, to the tango, the folklore, the Rock, to ethnic musics, MGP, in short, to the immersed musical universe.

Even though sometimes there are immense difficulties that to win, they are intention of the Cultural Being of Tucuman to continue making Culture, and mainly, making these magnificent festivales that already comprise of the life of the province, taking into account the avidity to listen and to see great interpreters.


   Amount of visits to this Festival: 11

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