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All of them will be protected and in no case such data will be transmitted or communicated to third parties without its previous, safe consent in case of requirement of competent authority, which will be communicated to him as rapidly as possible for the purposes of which it can exert the defenses that it considers correspond. habitually uses mechanisms of data files (“cookies?) to personalize and to improve the services that loans. In no case these mechanisms allow to accede to and/or knowing everything and/or any type information that is lodged in the rigid disk of its computer. will be able to use the results of the consultations and/or information entered by the users in the page, to the aims to carry out analysis, statistics and/or studies of generic character in which of no way they will appear his data. The critics y/u opinions that You realize on could be used by us with promotional aims, of marketing and/or diffusion. The information, opinions and/or consultations that You enter the future rooms of chat and/or forums of message and/or votes and any other mechanism receives that them, could be acceded by third parties, having to have You in consideration this circumstance before carrying out its consultation or entering any information or opinion in those scopes.
If we decided to change our political one on privacy, will announce these changes here, so that You, you can know what type of information we gather, how we could use it and we reveal if it to somebody.
Agreements of user:
When sailing by our site you commit yourself to respect the terms and conditions of the present Agreement. We suggested verifies the present from time to time to him, since the present conditions will be able to vary at any time and the modifications will enter use immediately after they are published. The content of the site, that is to say all our information, expressions, forums, chats, texts, graphs and other characteristics, is property You quick conformity to that has limitless permission, frees of exemptions, perpetual and irrevocable of use, distribution, exhibition, reproduction and creation of works derived from all material that you destine to our areas.
You also commit yourself to “NOT?:
To send or to transmit material or injuriante, obscene, sexual information, difamatoria, deceptive, profanes, abusive, vulgar, odious, fraudulent, hostile, that reveals private or personal subjects that affect to person some, or that violate rights of the others; to send messages of racial, religious hatred or of any nature, or in violation to the applicable laws and regulations, or that it damages that is susceptible to damage to the people or their rights.
To send or to transmit material of which you do not have right to pass on (is titular or assignee), notwithstanding which reserves the right to publish, to modify or to eliminate any entered document, information or materials or that they appear in the site, as well as will be able to reject the access to that does not respect the present terms and conditions.
To be made pass on the other person or falsify its filiatorios data.
To send advertizing, commercial, promotional material, or to offer products and/or services of any type, including junk-mails, Spam, chains and pyramids.
To send or to transmit archives that contain virus, that is vitiated, or that contains other polluting characteristics or destructive that can affect the operation of an other people's computer.
To break with intention any applicable, or local, provincial, national or international law. will be able at any time, to their discretion and without previous notification, to retire any shipment or to conclude their quality of member by violation of the previous dispositions. You commit yourself not to realize reclamations, action and/or demands and/or responsibilities to him derived from the violation on the other hand of the previous dispositions.
You are conscious that she does not have to trust the information either opinions that appear in our Web or any hyperbond that appears in our site since does not guarantee the veracity nor trustworthiness of this information or opinions. You also are conscious that is not responsible for the opinions and information that to the columnistas and/or collaborators offer and/or who offer advising.
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