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Place of the Event: Tribune Palermo Place
City: Independent city of Buenos Aires
Province/Been: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
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  This new edition 2009 of Code Country, with soothes in situated Tribune Place in the Av. Of Liberator 4,405, Independent City of Versus. Ace, proposes under the catchphrase “Different Sight?, an approach towards the preservation and brings back to consciousness of the environment.
Also invitarte to take brings back to consciousness of our natural resources, but always and as it characterizes to us focused in MUSIC and DESIGN.

Throughout last editions, Code Country profit to position itself like referring of the new exponents of the different disciplines in which we make end. Thus, we have obtained and next to the effort of the different patrocinantes, that each one of the new emergent talents of the country, are part of the industry at where they aim, as enterprising of each dream. Code Country, appears like the seed plot of the new national talents.

We are already working in the contents for the next edition. If sos designer of clothing, industrialist, musician, plastic artist, photographer, film director, tenés your play, or simply querés to show your creativity and what beams and querés to be in CP09.

By any consultation, envíanos a mail a: info@codigopais.com


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