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Place of the Event: Tucuman
City: Tucuman
Province/Been: Tucuman
Country: Argentina
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The TUCUMAN FESTIVAL CINEMA, organized by CULTURAL BEING of the Province of Tucuman, must like objective value the most recent Argentine cinematographic production, awarding like better film the one than it will be winning between the titles new recruits in this contest. It is fundamental condition (sine qua non) for his inscription that the films have announced their opening before the INCAA in the course of this year or they have not been released even.

3 festivales have already been realized from their creation, with a total of 64 participant films and more than 20,000 spectators.

To the same 48 directors like Enrique Piñeiro were invited, Brown Rodrigo, Lucrecia Martel, Diego Curubeto, Zuahir Jury, I move away Hofman, Luis Grouse, Ulises Rosel, Leonor Venedetto, among others and more than 96 artists like Isabel Sarli, Victor Laplace, White Bethlehem, Fernan Miras, Enrique Liporace, Ulises Dumont, Malena Solda, Maria Fernanda Alley, Luis Machin, Antonio Coast, Marcelo Mazzarello, Nicholas Pauls, among others. This festival is realized in the month of October (the dates vary every year) with the projections of the films in different rooms of Tucuman.



   Amount of visits to this Festival: 18

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