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Place of the Event: SANTIAGO OF CUBA
Country: CUBA
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Person of contact: CARLOS TEACHER CHEEK
Telephone: 01 (271) 7179746

The House of the Caribbean, the Ministry of Culture, the Committee the International for the Festivales of the Caribbean, next to the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Towns and the UNEAC, summon to XXIX the edition of the Festival of the Caribbean, that will take place from the 3 to the 9 of July of the 2009 in Santiago of Cuba.

The Festival of the Caribbean, “Celebration of the Fire?, is a space that causes every year the encounter of the dance, the plastic music, arts, the cinema, the video, the theater and the Literature of the region; it is at the same time an academic space of reflection on history and the culture; that it faces the defense of our rich spiritual patrimony against the challenges that the today world faces, where globalisation and neoliberalism are expressed like flagella of the identity, instead of to be balance and equal for the interchange between the towns. The Festival is then, a space so that solidarity, the diversity, the friendship is expressed, and the hope between towns that can speak different languages, but that are united by a same destiny. In almost three decades, the Celebration of the Fire, has dedicated its editions to countries of the insular and continental Caribbean, in the will of being more conscious on the cultural processes, that in their dynamism and intensity define the profile of a way to feel and to do the culture, crystallized through time in cosmovisión. Cosmovisión that are in the essential, creation of the popular culture of our towns and which today it is a precious legacy, recognized and admired universally. In this opportunity we summoned to this encounter in the historical city of Santiago of Cuba, dedicating this XXIX edition to the brother town of Honduras and the rich Garífuna culture.   

  Special note of the Committee the International for the Festivales of the Caribbean and the Association of cultural Interchange “Jose Maria Heredia?, whose presidencies are in Mexico:  - In the understood one that the economic conditions do not allow the House of the Caribbean, institution that organizes the festival internamente, to run with the costs of participation, our institutions, takes care to do this old man with preferential costs for the artists, which we make with the support of the institutions and Cuban companies. Also we gave the participant ones graduates customized and by group, that has the high curricular value like recognition to its participation in the greatest and plural event of all the region.


   Amount of visits to this Festival: 40

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