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Place of the Event: Junin
City: Junin
Province/Been: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
Person of contact: Direction of Culture of the Municipality of Junín

 The Festival comes from Tango Junin 2010!
Saturday 6 of February begins the Regional Festival of Tango Junin 2010

The cronogram for Saturday 6 is the following one: opening in charge of the Ballet Malajunta, Gerald Group of people, Those of the Supply, Arched Cristian (Secondly in Prefestival), Dark brown Aguzzi (Third party in Prefestival), Fabiana Alí (first in Prefestival), Real Quintet, Marcelo Biondini, Ballet Malajunta and Rodolfo Me with Typical Orchestra with Ariel Ardit.
For the day Sunday 7: opening to position Ballet Malajunta, Atilio Stampone Quintet, Hugo Casanova, Diego Videla (First in Prefestival), Andrea Rock-stoneware (Third in Prefes-tival), Gisele Pecar Bugallo (Second in Prefestival), Villamil Solitude, Ballet Malajunta and Carlos Buono Quintet.


   Amount of visits to this Festival: 22

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