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Place of the Event: The Silver
City: The Silver
Province/Been: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
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From the 17 to the 25 of October of 2009 5º will be realized in center Edition of the FICIFF Festival the International of Independent Cinema of the Silver - FestiFreak Cultural Passage Rocha Dart, street 50 between 6 and 7 and in the Cinema Paradiso, street 46 between 10 and 11.
5º FestiFreak presents/displays a selection of national and international largometrajes, a competition of shorts, special musicalizaciones of dumb films live, bands, conferences and activities.  
The inaugural function will be realized Friday 16 of October, to 20 hs., in the Cinema City (street 50 between 9 and 10), with the projection of the artist of dupla Duprat - Cohn, film that are asked on the statute of the art, its supporting ones and the artists, with the action of Sergio Pángaro, Alberto Laiseca, Andres Duprat, and the special participation of Leon Ferrari, Horacio González and Rodolfo Fogwill.

The competition of shorts grants prizes for the categories Fiction ($1000), Animation ($1000), Documentary ($1000), Experimental ($1000) and Video ($1000), besides the Special Mentions that the jury considers necessary.
Also a Great Prize of the Jury to the best one of the five winners, consisting of five tins of 16 mm Fuji with the aim of stimulating the production of a new short will be granted.
This year the Competition is added for the first time the International of Shorts, with works received from everybody and a prize of $ 1000.
The jury will be made up of Juan Villegas, director, producer and scriptwriter, realized Saturday (2001), Suicidal (2005) and the Leisure at the moment in postproduction, co-directed next to Alexander Lingenti; Marcelo Panozzo, journalist and critic, wrote for main national means and regularly publish for the magazine the Lover, was programmer of the Bafici, evolving at the moment like publisher in Random House Mondadori; Mario Chierico studied History of Art and in in center European Architecture for the Preservation of the Architectonic Patrimony in Venice, Italy, his artistic work, ligature always to the way of the audio-visual experimentation, it has participated in national and international festivales, and different samples.

Summary of Programming

The BAFICI chose again to the FICIFF as it soothes for his Traveling Muestra in the city of the Silver and projects a film selection that integrated the programming of last Buenos Aires Festival the International of Independent Cinema.

In the National Section they will project in 35 mm in the rooms of the Cinema Paradiso the laughter of Ivan Fund, director with an ample trajectory in the short, winners of the contest the Georges awarded Méliès and in the festival of Mar del Plata. The Laughter narrates happening of a group of young people who finish their night of Saturday, in that expanded to moment between the end of the celebration and the return to house.

They will be Stars of Federico Leon on a group of inhabitants of Villa 21 who discover that they can do of themselves and use its houses like scenery to find artistic and labor an exit, transforming their district into a shooting Seth and 8 weeks of Diego Schipani on a group of actors and dancers who try a musical comedy based on the songs of Raffaella Carrá.

Passage will be able to be seen in the rooms of Cultural Center Rocha Dart All lie as well of Matías Piñeiro, on a group of single boys in one casaquinta, who hide to mysteries and truths; Tekton de Mariano Donoso, surprising documentary on the construction of the Civic Center of San Juan, that is revealed gracious, critical next to images of extreme beauty; Elementary training for actors, co-directed by Martin Rejtman and Federico Leon and Fingir of Santiago Asef.

The awaited one will appear I castrate of I move away Moguillansky, film that comedy combines, black police officer and melodrama in timing perfectly synchronous, filmed in leases of the Silver; The pernoctantes of platense director Hernan Khourian, documentary of participant author of the Festival of Mar del Plata on four people who live in the streets on Buenos Aires and the last film on Ezequiel Acuña Excursions, the same director of How a starred airplane and To only swim.

The international section bursts in with Pansy Division - Life in a Gay Band Rock de Michael Carmona, documentary on the punk band gay Pansy Division; L'initiation, French film of Fran1cois-Xavier Drouet and Boris Carré on the seminaries in which it is prepared to students for the interview that its access to the demanding French schools of commerce will decide.   

From Korea the terror with Epitaph de Jung Beom-sik and Jung Sik arrives, this last assistant of direction of Park Chan-Wook in for Sympathy Mr. Vengeance and Oldboy and also the comedy with Like a Virgin of Hae-jun Lee and Hae-yeong Lee, on a gordito that wishes to be a beautiful woman as Madonna and to secure the money to operate enters a competition of free fight.

Holland de Thijs Gloger, exhibits the less charismatic image of one of the most exemplary countries: Holland. A woman works in a chic store, leaves bars, she accumulates sexual experiences, and she becomes bored, like all, in a society in comatose state, in the heat of heart of Europe.

In addition the preopening of Ages will be realized of Time of Wong Kar Wai, epic film of the same director of Chungking Express, Fail Angels and Happy Together, between many others. 

The FestiFreak will present/display a selection of shorts of the Lithuanian information retrieval officer Laila Pakálnina that portrays with coldness the reality of its country and a retrospective one of the German producer Fatih Akin that worked as much in documentary as in the last international festivales fiction and is developing like one of the most important directors of Europe. 

Of the Carlos Argentinean Echeverria, it will be being been exhibiting for the first time in the Silver, a selection of his documentary ones, between whom they count Pact of silence, on the life of jerarca Nazi Erich Priebke in Bariloche; Dear Mara, on a group of esquiladores of a town of the Pampas that year after year cross the Patagonia; Group of forty, that registers the days that ran between the aim of the military dictatorship and the beginning of the constitutional period as of 1983 with political debates in the streets and meetings of the Mothers of Place of May and the boys and the street, where it follows different boys in situation from street in the City of Buenos Aires.

Besides the competition of shorts, the FICIFF will exhibit a sample of The One Minute Fundation, organization with soothes in Amsterdam, Holland that an international contest realizes on shorts of a minute. As well, the international opening of City One Minutes Buenos Aires will be realized, film of 24 minutes, a minute by hourly of the day, realized by Argentine and international directors, within the framework of a project that portrays cities worldwide.

From Brazil, by second consecutive year, works of Videobrasil, main dedicated institution will be exhibited to foment videoarte in that country. The Videobrasil Coleção will project de Autores, where directors especially selected put their documentary glance on a contemporary artist.
Special music and activities in the FestiFreak
Thursday 22 of October, the Chileans OKTOPUS, group will appear for the first time in the Silver that investigates the integration of the art with the technology and realize projections in museums, electronic festivales and that will be projecting with special equipment on the facade of the historical building of the Cultural Center Passage Rocha Dart.

Within live the Soundtrack section the bands Valentin and the volcanos, the galgos, the space, Wonderful patrol will appear, Laura Citarella, Them mentettes, Dani Umpi, Boy no, kings of the False falsetto and Prime minister Ministro to benefit of scholastic dining rooms.

In addition, like in other editions, musicalizaciones of live dumb films in room B of the Cultural Center will be realized Passage Rocha Dart.

FestiFreak Produce

For the first time, the FestiFreak integrally produced six shorts altogether with the Main directorate of Culture and Education of the Province of Buenos Aires, including equipment, logistic, services, technical advising and intensive seminary of video accomplishment.

Thus the FestiFreak Produce will present/display in this 5º Edition three shorts directed by Facundo Bethlehem, Gwenn Joyaux and Paola Buontempo and three short ones realized by groups of students pertaining to schools of Pehuajó, Balcarce and the Silver, with the aim of stimulating the audio-visual production.  

This 5º Edition of the FICIFF Festival the International of Independent Cinema of the FestiFreak Silver is organized by the Freak Group, and counts on the support of the Direction of Culture and Education of the Province of Buenos Aires, the Secretariat of Culture and Education of the Municipality of the Silver, Cultural Institute of the Province of Buenos Aires, the Audio-visual INCAA National Institute of Cinema and Arts, the National University of the Silver, YPF, CinemaCity, Fuji, Radio University 107,5, Black Rabbit 2K, Getterson, Panasonic, Race course of the Silver, the Mulata, BAFICI, Magazine the Lover, Korean Cultural Center of Latin America, Goethe Institut, the Cultural Associação Videobrasil, The One Minute Fundation, and CB Culture Production.


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